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Millie Bobby Brown's Ex Apologizes for Live Stream Rant

Millie Bobby Brown's ex boyfriend, TikTok star Hunter Echo, has apologized for rambling negatively about his past relationship with the actress in a live stream. Echo stated that he was drunk and should have kept his mouth shut. A rep for Bobby Brown stated that the influencer's comments were "not only dishonest, but also ... irresponsible, offensive and hateful." (via TMZ)

Study Finds That Two-Thirds of Couples Start as Just Friends 

It looks like the best romantic relationships come from friendships! A new study shows that 68 percent of couples start as just friends. This number is even higher among 20-somethings and within the LGBTQ+ community. (via Psych News Daily)

Kim Kardashian and That Girl Lay Lay: The TikTok Feud

That Girl Lay Lay, a 14-year-old rapper who just landed her own Nickelodeon series, has been caught up in drama regarding a TikTok video she filmed with North West. Kim Kardashian allegedly demanded that the teen take down the video, as a source close to her claims she and Kanye never approved of the video. (via TMZ)

Apple Weather Won't Show Any Temperature as 69 Degrees

Reportedly, certain versions of the Apple Weather app will either report the temperature as 70 degrees or 68 degrees, but never 69. While some thought it was because the number alludes to something sexual, tech sleuths were able to find out that it was a software glitch, or a "rounding error." (via New York Post)

Demi Lovato Says When It's Okay to Misgender Them

In a recent twitter statement, Demi Lovato revealed that they sometimes accidentally misgender themselves, and that it's totally normal for that to happen. Lovato wrote, "As long as you keep trying to respect my truth, and as long as I remember my truth, the shift will come naturally."

Allyson Felix Will Pay for Childcare Costs for Other Olympians

Decorated track and field star Allyson Felix has partnered with Athleta and the Women's Sports Foundation to give $200,000 to other athletes who need to pay for childcare while they are at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Felix states that these grants "are about showing the industry that all mom athletes need some comprehensive support to be able to participate in their athletic endeavors." (via Yahoo!)

Married Mother of Two Makes $4,200 a Month With Farting Videos

A married mother says that she makes $4,200 a month by selling videos of herself farting. The 48-year-old has been "flatulence camming" since 1999 and charges $4.99 a month for these type of videos. Emma Martin states that she is careful not to film herself when her children are home, as they know nothing about her career. (via Daily Mail)

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