When Minzy's contract with YG Entertainment expired back in May of 2016, signaling her exit from the now formally disbanded 2NE1, the singer revealed her desire to embark on a solo career.

And now, a full year later, that dream is becoming a reality.

Minzy's upcoming debut mini-album, Uno, will be released on April 17 via her new label, Music Works. And each day leading up the 6-track EP's release, the newly solo star's been steadily supplying promotional content, teasing concept photos, snippets, dance teasers, showcase announcements and track listing details.

The collection, which includes features by Jay Park and Aziatix rapper Flowsik, notably includes production by The Stereotypes (Danity Kane, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars), as well as songwriting assists on tracks like "Ni Na No" and "Superwoman" from Melanie Fontana and Jon Asher, who worked together on Britney's Glory bonus track "Mood Ring" and The Chainsmokers' "Setting Fires."

Judging by the comments, fans are (understandably) thrilled about the release — but no one more than Minzy's own former bandmate Bom (!), who left a comment on one of the concept photos.

"Oh~~ Yeah~^^~ minzy~ Your body is no joke ^^ Unnie's going to start taking care of herself too," she wrote. (2NE1 mutual love and support forever.)

Minzy's one-hour debut showcase will go down on Monday, April 17 at Shinhan Card Live Hall in Seoul.

Check out all of Minzy's Uno content below.

Uno Track Listing

1. "Ni Na No (feat. Flowsik)"
2. "Superwoman"
3. "Ing"
4. "Flashlight (feat. Jay Park)"
5. "Beautiful Lie"
6. "Ni Na No (feat. Flowsik) (English Rap Version)"

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