A few days ago, Ciara went on Instagram and told single women to they need to "#LevelUp". She reposted a church sermon where the preacher told single women the reason they are not married is because they have been walking in the spirit of 'girlfriend' instead of the spirit of 'wife'.

I decided I will follow Ciara's wise advice and live in the spirit of wife!

So for the next few days, I will be:

  • Going around town chasing men asking them if they took the trash out yet?
  • Telling random men that they had better call or text me if they are going to be coming home late from work!
  • I will hop in a man's car and start putting on my makeup in the mirror.
  • When I see a man on the street? I'm naggin 'em! Fo no reason! And I'll tell him I've got a headache.


Meanwhile, that preacher can MISS ME WITH THAT MESS.

#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.

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