Holy guacamole. So this happened on Friday.

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

I am so proud of our valley, ok? On Friday, October 4th we had a lot going on. Over at Dos De Oros in Yakima Ja Rule and Ashanti showed up and you all behaved like normal concert goers. A packed to the gills house and very few fights. The show got shut down because it was over, not because you ruined it acting like a yahoo. Um, Yakima, did you just catch that? The show was incredible. Shut. It. Down. This means we could possibly get more nice things so thank you for that.

Ja Rule and Ashanti Dos De Oros 2019

At the same time over in Toppenish, WA inside Legends Casino's fancy new event center, The Kings of Hip Hop performed. Tone Loc, Color Me Badd, Biz Markie and Vanilla Ice. Too cold ... or hot depending on how much dancing you did. I danced my butt off to all of them, laughed until I cried while watching Leann Jones, the photographer from the Yakima Herald, live her best life and was just in heaven getting to look Vanilla Ice in the eye while shaking his hand and telling him what an amazing job he did. He really, really, did. Everyone did. Thank you to my beautiful friend Sol for going with me and it was so fun seeing so many of you out and about. I wasn't expecting to meet Robert Van Winkle but when you are given an opening, like Lizzo says, "Shoot your shot".

Kings of Hip Hop 2019

Saturday night it was my first time attending The Fresh Hop Ale Fest, in it's 17th year, with a new location in downtown Yakima and even though we arrived early the line was already around the block. Very impressed with the location and how everything ran. Loved my ciders and also getting to check it out with Mama.

Fresh Hop Ale Fest 2019

The crowns Kameo made were so beautiful and looked like they would dry really nicely to save forever. Can anyone that purchased one confirm that's the case?

Sorry to the lady selling me Thai food because if Mom hadn't of been with me, you were totally getting more money. My order was specific, Mom was attempting to assist by ordering me the special, saving me money. I wanted six butterflies. Did I need them? No. Was my special plate bomb regardless? Hell yeah :) #slightlyobsessedwiththaifood

Over all this weekend was just magical. I truly love my job and most of the time, I am completely satisfied handing over all the tickets to every event under the sun. I'll continue to do so as long as you will have me. But in those rare moments I decide I want to shoot my shot and go as well. I am taking it and you should to. We only have one life to live so we might as well enjoy with your favorite friends and family.

The experts say you need to plan some type of activity with people at least twice a week. For your mental health. It's something as simple as a walk and talk while sipping on coffee,going out for happy hour or a concert. Treat yourself because you not only deserve it but need it..

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