I knew I would be waking-up early this morning but once the alarm started ringing I thought no way, I don't want to do this. The bed is ALWAYS the warmest, most inviting when you have to leave it, right?

My bath was alright and even my drive to work was pretty nice. I've decided for 2020 that I am going to be cutting caffeine from my diet. I would REALLY like to take a serious push to create a mini me, seven years of throwing caution to the wind, just hasn't produced the results I've been hoping for so last year I cut out the cigs and this year it's the caffeine.

Of course I needed to kiss the caffeine goodbye with my favorites so today was a big creamy and steamy cup of peppermint mocha and tomorrow, the last day of the decade it will be my go to caramel macchiato, with all the bells and whistles, half and half topped with whipped cream.

I will probably still sip on the decaffeinated stuff and for sure be enjoying decaffeinated tea but I know this new phase is going to be a struggle for a few weeks. It will be uncomfortable, I will be cranky but I know for a fact that I won't die. I have quite cigs before and I am still here. It's all for the best and if you are searching to cut something I encourage you to go for the thing that's been rolling around in your head. That's the thing that you really want to get rid of so why not kick off the decade actually going for it.

You are not alone, saying it out loud helps and then you know what the next step is? Just ******* doing it and then sticking to it. Do whatever it takes to push yourself past where you've gone before.


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