This morning I woke up to find out the store my husband manages was robbed last night. He wasn't there, but his co-workers had to deal with a gun going off and the idiots who robbed it are still on the loose. My hope is they are all caught before it happens again. I am on edge and pretty irritated right now.

Get Over Yourself

This sentence stuck out the other day when I was cleaning my desk, so I decided to keep it and now it feels even more important.

Seriously, we ALL need to get over ourselves. Can you honestly say that right now you are following your dreams?

I can't imagine the idiots -- I call the people who just scared my friends with violent images idiots because they ARE idiots -- started their lives knowing it was going to take this turn. Did you need some extra cash? Did you think it would be fun to get away with a bunch of weed? You know you'll get caught, right? You want to know how I know? Because people talk and the friends you hang out with are idiots, too.

Anyone who wants to live that gangster life, that movie script life is going to have a grand old time until you don't and then it's over. Your friends will flip on you, maybe not all of them, but there are a few who aren't your friends. Did you know that? You'll look up and find yourself in jail or even worse, prison, and you'll think how unfair life is and how unfair the system is and you know what I say to that? "Get over yourself."

We all make decisions, each one requires action and depending on the choice, sometimes the reaction isn't a positive one. So in case you weren't sure where stealing lands on the spectrum, it's at the bottom, you idiot. Get over yourself and quit playing gangster. Make something out of yourself. There's always time to do the right thing. Not sure where to start? Message me, I'll start making a list of things to do OTHER than rob people.

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