Love is in the air! Everywhere you look around :)

Hopefully, you survived the Fourth of July with all your digits intact. Did you do anything special?

My beautiful cousin, Olivia chose, July 4 to tie the knot in Pasco and I have to know: Have you ever been to Moore Mansion? The story behind this place is incredible.

Originally this plot of land was purchased in 1908 by a Seattle developer, James A. Moore, whose wife had been diagnosed with leukemia. The doctors recommended a drier climate for her lungs, so he lovingly purchased land along the Columbia River and began building their dream home. Unfortunately, before it was finished, his wife passed away.

The property has changed hands many times since then, but I thought how flipping cool that at one point it was THE speakeasy to visit in Washington state -- the bee's knees. Imagine all those zozzled flappers and jellybeans sipping on their foot and jag juice! ;)

It's been a restaurant on more than one occasion, an old folks home AND there are even rumors it's haunted. At over 100 years old, I wouldn't be surprised!

At one point past owners really let it go. The roof was gone, it had suffered from fires and had graffiti all over it. The place was so run down when the current owners took it over in 2004, the land was really the focal point.

Fast forward to 2019 and this place is INCREDIBLE.

Olivia and Izayah's 4th of July Wedding

After speeches, first dances, the bouquet and garter toss it was time for everyone to dance the night away and wait for the fireworks to begin! What a night!

Crowds were gathering along the river to watch the show and lighting off their own fireworks. At one point the fire department needed to be called near the edge of the property. So literally my cousin's wedding was lit, in more ways than one!

I wish both of you many, many, many years of happiness as you embark on this new journey. These fancy pantses are off to honeymoon in Rome. I mean if you're going to honeymoon, you might as well go for it! Right?

Oh, one more random thought about wedding presents:

Olivia and Izayah's guests did a fantastic job of snagging almost everything off her registry. They had a pizza cutter that my mom got them, but no pizza stone. It wasn't on the registry so I went for it. There is a receipt, though, just in case, at 20 years old, it might not be their thing. At 36 it sure feels like mine!

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