Ever crafted yourself into an emergency during a pandemic?

I have. I almost cut my finger off today.

Townsquaremedia/Sarah J

Smooth operator that I am, I decided to try and turn an empty Dr. Teal's Bottle into a hanging dish scrubber holder. Something everyone needs, right?

At first, I was using a little knife, then scissors and then I moved to the bread knife. It was going so well, I just needed the hole I created to be a little bit bigger and that's when it happened. The bottle collapsed and the bread knife sliced into the inside of my right pointer finger, right above the knuckle. Deep. Like so deep when I turned to cry out for my husband's help the blood started flying and I began to freak out. I know, why was I using a bread knife? It has a great point on the end of it but I should have known better. I'll admit, I am not impressed with myself either.

We're in the middle of a pandemic and lately, I have been asking myself, what constitutes an emergency.

I can move my finger but is this the kind of thing I need to fix myself? I don't even have a bandaid in the house currently so instead of going to the emergency room, which should be avoided right now for obvious reasons, I called my Mom whose a nurse and she suggested calling my Doctor to get some advice.

Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Shout-out to all essential workers. I felt horrible having to put anyone in a position to have to get closer than six inches but thankfully my friend gave me a mask yesterday because this is how it went.

It took about 30 minutes of back and forth, finding someone willing to volunteer to stitch me up. They wanted to make sure I was showing no signs of a dry cough or fever. I haven't and they also asked me to bring a mask, thankfully my friend gave me one yesterday. Funny how life works.

Townsquare Media/Sarah J

I was asked the same thing by medical professionals outside of the building before going in and my temperature was taken, it was normal, but they are looking for a fever of 104, that's hot!

Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Four stitches later I am healing and forever grateful to professionals putting their lives on the line for dumb***** like me every day.

I was a little late to my afternoon show so I'm dropping my kick-off song here

Anyone else dealt with an unrelated COVID-19 emergency recently?