My daughter just turned six years old and she has been telling me that she is old enough to care for a pet. Since our apartment building's new management implemented a new renter's policy that does not allow pets (even with a pet deposit fee), I told Willow that I would take her to the Yakima Humane Society and let her walk some of the dogs in the adjacent dog park.

Let me just say that I had my heart broken that day at the pound. I wanted to immediately adopt all of the dogs and cats and free them from those cold and lonely cages. Willow picked out one of the smaller dogs and as we walked it in the park, she spent the next ten minutes deciding what she was going to name the pup.

"Here, Rosey!"

"Come here, Kayley!"

"Sit, Jakey!"

"Oh Blackie, you are so adorable!"

She gave that dang dog every name in the book (every name that ended with an -ey or -ie)! "Blackie" took a dump every 20 seconds, so I spent most of the walking time picking up poop and trying not to throw up. That's why I prefer cats, they cover up their OWN poop!

Anyway, after we walked the dog, while we were waiting in line to return it, a lady walked in with a cute Pomeranian-mix and told the receptionist that she had found him wandering around in Union Gap. One of the volunteers ran right over to her and said a man had JUST called to report his missing dog, and it was the description of the one she had just brought in. At least there was ONE happy ending to this day!

I was so depressed after our visit to the Humane Society, so Willow suggested we go to Starbucks and get a cake pop. Great idea!

The pain of not being able to adopt a pet still lingers in my heart, even days later after our visit, but at least I can get the message out to you, dear reader, that those animals really need someone to come in and rescue them from those cages!

If you would like to walk one of the dogs at the Yakima Humane Society, you can do so Monday-Saturday from 11am to 3:30pm. If you have the space in your home to rescue a cat or a dog, please run, (don't walk) to the Yakima Humane Society (405 W Birchfield Rd, it's next to the Yakima Arboretum on the right-hand side). Visit Yakima Humane Society's website by clicking here.

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