The other day, I took to Craigslist in order to find this cute British ER doctor I had met in Yakima the other day. It was a complete flop. I still haven't heard back from him, and no one even knows where to find a guy named "Manesh". My dating batting average is .0002, and it has become so soul-crushing and heartbreaking that I have decided I may have to actually move to the UK to find love. (I may need this online American-To-British Translator.)

My love life reminds me of the movie, Love Actually.

A character named, Colin Frissel, was striking out with everyone in his home country, so he packed up his bags and moved to America. He knew that American women love a man with a British accent, no matter how homely his face may be. When he arrives in Wisconsin, he is immediately besieged by a group of supermodel-esque women, who love his accent. One of the ladies ends up falling in love with him and moves to the UK to be with him!

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