I know this is Lil Dicky's song but I HAVE to start off with this video because it is the smiling fun loving Chris Brown that I have missed over the years and I wouldn't be surprised if you feel the same way so enjoy!

(careful this video is NSFW)

Chris Brown is headed to the White River Amphitheater Tuesday June 19th 2018 so my question to you is, you going!? You want to win some tickets!? Good because we want to give you the hook-up all this week Monday May 21st - Friday May 25th at 4:10pm with Sarah J be caller #7 at 509-

Drai's LIVE Kicks Off 2016 With Performance By Resident Artist Chris Brown At Drai's Nightclub In Las Vegas
Getty Images for Drai's Beachclu

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For fun let's find out how well you really know Chris Brown

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