Naomi Campbell was mugged in Paris about a month ago. She was hailing a cab when assailants knocked her over and attacked her, resulting in a leg injury that has caused her to require the use of a wheelchair & crutches.

Now, I don't usually ever feel any empathy for supermodels, but I can definitely relate to the fear of her mugging experience!

See, I know for certain that I came thisclose to being mugged the other Friday night! I had just dropped off my toddler at the babysitters and had to make a quick pitstop at a place that rhymes with "Tall Greens". It was dark out, but usually there is a steady stream of people at the Redbox there. That night, there was no one in sight. Except for 2 random shady looking dudes, leaning on the building. As I walked past, they both asked me to spare some change. I instantly had a sour churning in my stomach and felt SCARED. I said "No!" And briskly walked past them. One of them yelled out behind me, "Hey! Nice Coat!" I freaked the bleep out and ran up to a manager and told them I was officially too afraid to leave the store because it was going to be a pretty creepy walk back to my car.

"Tall Greens" management gave me a 2-person escort to my car and apologized for the incident. Even though the situation was no way near being THEIR fault, they were so kind and understanding to me. I hope the managers were able to run those dudes off before someone got scared or worse, mugged.

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