You know, when I saw that today (October 6th) is National Plus Size Appreciation Day, I was torn (I could make a split seam joke here, but I won't). First of all, I'm a big guy. Okay, I won't pad the truth, I need no padding, I have my own naturally built in padding. I'm a fat guy. I put Santa to shame with how jolly I am. I've been overweight, or as it's referred to now, "plus sized", for all my life. So I've gone through the ups and downs with weight loss, diets, depression, acceptance, happiness, determination, depression. So, I have been on an emotional roller (since it's rare that I get to ride a real one) for a good chunk (pun intended) of my life. So part of me is thrilled that there is a day to favor the fluffy. On the other hand, self positivity is good and all, but the extra weight is not good for you, and steps should be taken to lose some.

Now, I'm not going to go all preachy, I just know what I know from experience. I've turned many positives about being over weight into stand-up comedy material. Everything about how we are more fun to hug, to how we are harder to kidnap. For those things, I am truly grateful for and appreciate!

Still, in my mind the negatives outweigh positives. Not just in the health department, but in all aspects of life. "Can I sit in this chair?" "Will these clothes fit?" "Wind blew my hat off, looks like I'll be buying a new hat." On the flip side, I am happy that their is a day to celebrate my bubbly brothers and sisters. Heck, the fact that bigger people went on to save the Earth at the end of the film Wall-E is one of the reasons I love that movie so much!

When was National Plus Size Appreciation Day Created?

Founded back in 2016 by Women Rock INC. National Plus Size Appreciation Day was created to help boost confidence for many all around the world who have packed on some extra pounds. The hope is to spread love despite society's stigma on how people are suppose to look. There are a lot of us to love, many of us to love, so show us the love... or at least appreciate us!

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