There comes a moment in everyone's life when you want to escape for a few seconds or more. The kids are screaming or the neverending pile of dishes has passed the point of ignoring. You go to call your friend for a coffee but is it really worth packing everyone in the car when the kids will be ready to bail within the first 10 minutes?

Have no fear Yakima Valley, there is such a place that is about to exist that will serve you up the delicious coffee you crave including treats, and also feature a space designed for the kids to play while you cafe!

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This unique business for parents with young children is owned by local parents of young children Michelle and Matt D. It will feature wood structures to climb and slide down, a custom train set, playhouses for the kids to use their imaginations in the best ways possible, and even be a special area for the 0-24 month babes. Parents can relax on the edge of the play area and cafe or join in with their kids and have some fun.

But What About the Cafe?

Coffee is their passion so they have been working with local company Basalt Roasters to create an exceptional artisan coffee menu that will also include a variety of paninis and of course dino nuggets for the kids and more. You will be able to rent party space, create time for yourself to enjoy wifi and friendship while the kids up to about six years of age will be having such a blast they'll be begging you to come back.

Where and When?

Located inside The Orchard Shopping Center, 120 S 72nd Ave Ste 100, Yakima, WA 98908, the spot used to be a mattress store so there has been a major remodel taking place. You can follow Play/Cafe on social media to follow along with progress reports and if all goes to plan, they should be up and running by the end of February or March. Also, subscribe to their email list and get a free coffee!

Memberships and Events

This isn't the same as a free playground atmosphere, there will be actual memberships that can be purchased that include perks and sneak peeks of upcoming events. There's really nothing like enjoying a treat with friends and now you'll be able to get your coffee fix and a bit of a breather while the kids burn some of that extra energy.

Below is the interview with owners Melissa and Matt and truly looking forward to checking out this brand new business to hit the Yakima Valley.


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