With this week’s episode available on Disney+ now, we’re just about halfway through the first season of WandaVisionAfter an opening act of three episodes that gave very few indications of what was causing the show’s strange sitcom world, Episode 4 gave us tons of information about what the heck is going on in Westview. And it also came with a new “Sneak Peek” clip that hints at even more shocking twists to come in the show’s second half.

While most of the dialogue from this new minute-long trailer comes from this week’s episode, a lot of the footage is brand-new, including glimpses of the WandaVision show-within-a-show as it moves into the ’80s, ’90s, and beyond, with the moment of Wanda talking directly to the camera recalling all kinds of recent TV shows where a plucky heroine speaks directly to the audience about her crazy life. Admittedly, in this case, Wanda’s life is ... really nuts. You can watch the clip below.

Just as we got a whole bunch of answers to the questions surrounding the show, this teaser introduces a slew of new mysteries. Is Agnes “directing” Wanda in constructing and manipulating this sitcom reality? What happens if Vision passes through the energy field outside Westview? If, as the onscreen text claims this world was made just for Wanda, who made it? And who’s inside that ship headed into the red energy field?

If you’re a big fan of these sorts of big Marvel mysteries you’re in luck; it looks like the second half of WandaVision will have a ton of them. New episodes of WandaVision premiere on Fridays on Disney+. You can read our breakdown of Episode 4 right now.

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