Nick Lachey, member of 98 Degrees (and former Mr. Jessica Simpson) is advising young boy bands, such as One Direction and The Wanted to "stay away from Taylor Swift!"

"Surround yourselves with good people," Jeff Timmons, another member of 98 Degrees, advised. "I mean, not to get too serious about it, but that's one thing that I think that we didn't always have. We didn't always have folks looking out for us the right way. Surround yourselves with good people; enjoy the ride." ...... "And stay away from Taylor Swift!" Nick added. (

Is it possible Nick is speaking from experience when it comes to bad relationships?  Or is he really looking out for the best interests of these young men and wanting them to stay around positive people?  But did he really need to be so harsh with Taylor?  The poor girl has definitely gained a bad reputation for "speed dating" but, isn't she still the sweet Taylor Swift we know and love?  Leave a girl alone :)

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