Life gets stressful, usually to the point where you're ready to smash something, but why destroy your own stuff when you can destroy someone else's? No, we're not saying you should go destroy some random person's stuff, instead, why not check out a rage room around Oregon?

Don't know what a rage room is? A rage room is a controlled environment where you can pick out some things to smash like TVs, computers, microwaves, or any other kind of appliance. You pay and you get the room to yourself for an allotted time, then you get to smash to your heart's content.

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3.) Wrecking Ballers in Salem

Located in Downtown Salem this is the first Rage Room of its kind here. You get to choose what level of stuff you wanna break, whether you just wanna break some glass and a few electronics or you can do the full package and break, which comes with a wider variety of breakable things and tools for you to use.

Have a little one that needs to get some anger out? No sweat, they have a kid's package, they get all the same protective gear, and are supervised while they break things to make a safe and relaxing rage room for everyone.

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2.) Crunch Time in Medford Oregon

Crunch Time in Medford Oregon is more than just a rage room, it's also an escape room! No, you don't have to smash stuff to escape, you have the choice of either doing some raging or escaping with two separate rooms perfect for a fun night out. However, if you're going through some things and need to let out aggression this is the perfect place to go! For an extra $20 you can send them a picture that they'll print out on a tile just for you to break into a billion little pieces.

They have a few different rage packages you can get like the "Die Hard Plus" Package, the "Demolition Man" Package, or the "Mad Max Plus" Package. Each one has some differences and even are available to do with groups of friends.

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1.) Smash PDX Rage Room in Portland 

Why did Smash PDX Rage Room come in at number one? They have the most packages with endless possibilities for smashing stuff. They have simple packages where you go into a room and smash stuff up, however, they're the only place in Oregon that offers a Car Rage Room. That's right you can smash up an entire car if you please, they also have different rooms where you can use paint, and step into a room of DJ lights and music while you smash as well.

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