Whether you're an outstanding citizen or a troublemaker, Washington state has some crazy laws that you might not know about. Here are a few that you have probably broken. A few of these you might be doing right now!

  • You Can't Leave the House if You Have a Cold

    One of the first dumb laws is that if you willingly expose yourself to the outside world knowing you're contagious with any disease, it's not only rude, but you could be guilty of a misdemeanor.

  • No Destroying Beer Bottles!

    Just don't.


  • Leave Maple Lane School for Girls Alone!

    If a girl attends the Maple Lane School for Girls, it's illegal to try to get them out of school.


  • No Lollipops.

    Seriously, according to this, lollipops aren't allowed in Washington state. Fortunately, it doesn't say anything about LolliHops so I think we're good.


  • You Can't Buy a Mattress on Sunday

    I thought Sunday was a day of rest, too.


  • No X-rays for shoe fittings.

    Apparently, it's not OK to get fitted for shoes by using an X-ray.

  • Don't Pretend your Parents are Rich.

    But what if your father is named Richard? Does that count?


  • Can't Buy Meat on Sundays

    You're not allowed to buy meat on Sunday. Sorry.


  • Troublemaker? Let the Police Know

    According to a law to reduce crime, if one is a troublemaker, he's supposed to call the police when he's in town.


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