Penny's...penny's from Legends! See what I did there? A whole lot of penny's were just dispersed to local non-profits in the Yakima Valley who competed for a slot in the Yakama Cares Program.

Even with Covid-19 still trying to take us out Legends Casino and Hotel is giving back to the community in a huge way. 69 scholarships were awarded to local non-profits with the total amount reaching $378,988

Photo By D-Rez/TSM

With the wildfires and Covid-19 impacting our area, this year's grants focused more on health and public safety. Curious the size of the grants? They ranged from $1,500 to $25,000 per recipient.


Grants include replacement of wildland firefighting equipment for the City of Yakima Fire Department, PTSD service dog training for Service Peace Warriors, and hospice/end of life support for Heartlinks, Chaplaincy Healthcare, and Cottage in the Meadow

This is a yearly opportunity for non-profits in the area to apply and receive a boost which normally would have already taken place but due to Covid-19 pretty much everything has been pushed back.

Zoonar RF

Once businesses began reopening the committee began to look at all the applications and there were many, 336 applications for 2020. I didn't realize we had that many non-profits in the area. None are too small or too large to not enjoy help so if a non-profit comes to mind, reach out and let them know, next year could be there year if they missed out this time.

The winners were announced today, October 7th, 2020 so if you know one make sure to give them a big congratulations because honestly, any good news right now needs to be shared.

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