Washington is known for doing a lot of things very well and, unsurprisingly, Washington state is among the top 10 states that are considered innovative when it comes to research and development.

Source: WalletHub

Washington state is sixth place. I'll take it! Being we have some of the best universities in the nation, I'm not surprised.

Here's a quick breakdown from WalletHub.

2nd – Share of STEM Professionals
3rd – Projected STEM-Job Demand by 2020
20th – Eighth-Grade Math & Science Performance
3rd – Share of Science & Engineering Graduates Aged 25+
12th – Share of Technology Companies
8th – R&D Spending per Capita
10th – Avg. Internet Speed
6th – Venture-Capital Funding per Capita

The most innovative places on the list are Washington, D.C., Maryland and Massachusetts. West Virginia comes in last place, followed by Mississippi and Louisiana.

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