As you have no doubt heard, Betty White finally joined Twitter. (Maybe.) While this seems like a brave new frontier for a member of the Greatest Generation, she’s not the only elderly person to ever delve into social media. Apparently, Facebook is full of them.

What’s more, it seems that the older demographic of Facebook users really enjoys posting comments on the pages of restaurants. This is evidenced by our favorite new Tumblr blog, ‘Old People Writing On A Restaurant’s Facebook Page.”

Why not? Older people have opinions. They eat. If they can find the internet and figure out how to make comments, why shouldn’t they post what they’re feeling? We say go for it. Mostly because posts like these keep us laughing. Check out some of our favorite posts from the site below.

Grandpa Only Believes in Sausage Links

Grandpa doesn't like working links.

Jackaroo Jim Learns That at Sizzler, You Get What You Pay For

Jackaroo Jim got what he paid for.

Wally Likes Outback Steakhouse and Brevity

Wally is brief and too the point.

You Probably Shouldn’t Have 100 Chicken Wings

Kevin wants 100 chicken wings.

Makes You Wonder What They Use to Make the Dipping Sauce

Karen must have seen birds at Auntie Anne's.

Get Those Cheddar Biscuits Ready!

Joann is on her way.

To Which Carl’s Jr. Replied, “I’m sorry, what?”

A Carl's Jr. customer says what?

Ruth Has a Lot of Love to Share

Ruth loves Huddle House.

And Cathy Has a Lot to Overshare

Cathy overshares.

If She Could Have, Grandma Would Have Posted “Your burgers are killer.”

Red Robined to death?

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