Dear Disney,

My daughter is a huge fan of several of your shows, but after viewing them with her I've noticed an on-going trend in these shows -- none of the leading children are typical. Basically, they're all not relatable.

We used to have situational comedy televsion shows, or 'sitcoms' for short. They would often feature a family with maybe an extra gimmick added to make it unique (adopted kids, foster parents, working mom with stay-at-home dad, etc.) and each episode would feature a plot that may happen in anyone's given day and they would find a way to solve it. It was pretty nice. They'd even solve big, serious topics like drug abuse, disease, death of a family member and more.

Sitcoms have since mostly been replaced with low-brow comedy or slice of life which doesn't solve problems, it's just written for comedy. Not bad, but would love a typical issue where they solve the problem.

Now, granted, Disney does have Liv and Maddie which features polarizing twins played by the same actress and that isn't so bad. There's also a show called Jessie which was fine, too. But the other shows she has enjoyed feature a school that only accepts gift children in a variety of fields, one where they all use magic to solve their problems and another where money is no object.

Well, in my house, money is certainly an object, my daughter has no magic powers and she does well in school like any typical girl, but isn't in any special program to have those fun adventures. She just is.

If it's not too much trouble, I'd love to see Disney tackle these daily problems like sitcoms used to.

Big fan, keep up the great work.

Yours etc,

John Riggs

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