My friend's divorce just became official a couple of weeks ago. Here's the text I got from her this morning:

Friend: Would you want to do something for Valentine's Day?

Me: Hi! What did you have in mind? I wasn't planning on going anywhere for Vday, lol.

I hate to be a cranky pants, but getting this text makes me feel some kind of way and I know that I won't be the only friend getting these kinds of texts this time of year. I will speak in an open letter for those of us who are a bit perturbed, as follows.

Do I "want to do something for Valentine's Day?" I want to text back immediately, "No, friend, the answer is no."

What part of me minding my own business in my cubby hole gave the impression that I want to be going anywhere with anybody on Valentine's Day?

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Friend: I don't have anything in mind. Just thought it might be fun. Do you have any ideas?

Do I "have any ideas?"

Girl, yes, I have an idea for Valentine's Day. Imma be staying my happy, single, and free behind at home, that's my idea!

That's right, taking naps, watching some British crime dramas on my britbox, turning on my DVD and watching classic episodes of Living Single Seasons 2 & 3, maybe getting my "drank on", as the kids say, with some beverages, eating some delicious carbs, and enjoying some gigantic chocolates-IN MY PAJAMAS! Now, leave me alone and let me eat my cookies in peace!

Besides, as an extroverted-introverted lady who is quite content to not go on a date for Valentine's Day, the last thing I want to do is spend what is supposed to be a day of romance with one of my girl friends. If I wanted to be out on Valentine's Day, I would have already found a suitable date. Valentine's Day is not a day for some bffs to hang out together.

That is why I am about to text her back, "We can do something for Galentine's Day. Valentine's Day is for lovers!"

(Call me an ice queen if ya wanna! Brr, brr, snow!) friend is hurting over the loss of her marriage, so I'm going to be a good friend and figure out how to best cheer her up.

If I took her to play laser tag would that be considered out of pocket? I'm looking at you, Nerdz Fun Center!

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