Heard about the guy who spent three hours licking a doorbell? That seemed like an awful lot of time -- so much so that I figured I would put it in perspective and make a list of all the different things you could also do in three hours :)


  • 1

    Watch a Professional Football Game

    The average game is 3 hours and 12 minutes
  • 2

    Roast a 14-pound Turkey


    This would take three hours

    You could cook a 14-pound turkey in three hours

  • 3

    Watch the Film "Titanic"

    "Titanic," the movie

    I will never let go!

    This movie is technically three hours and 15 minutes, but seriously, wouldn't you rather watch this than lick a doorbell?

  • 4

    Run a Marathon -- Really Fast

    Ready, set ...

    This takes some preparation, but shoot, always good to have a goal!

  • 5

    Take a Really Long Nap

    Maybe you don't normally take a three-hour snooze, but for the purpose of this list, you do :)

  • 6

    Drive Over to Seattle From Yakima

    Taking road conditions and parking into account, this could possibly take a total of three hours

  • 7

    Volunteer Your Time

    You could volunteer walking dogs!

    Three hours to donate to someone else sounds TOTALLY legit to me :)

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