When students enroll at Perry Technical Institute,* they can be assured that they will graduate with a degree that will garner a high-paying job in the real world. You go, girl (and guy)!

In fact, as KIMA-TV reports, students who get degrees from Perry Tech are most likely to end up making way more than their parents' incomes! How about them apples?

New York Times-prepared study on two-year colleges compares the economic diversity and outcomes among 748 colleges, and the Times is keeping it real, keeping it 100, if you will. Perry Tech was determined to be the No. 1 college in the nation for churning out students who will make a higher income than their parents.

"...About 2.6% of students at Perry Technical Institute came from a poor family but became a rich adult."- New York Times

The study researched "anonymous tax records" of millions of students across the United States.

Let me say it like this, and this is totally in my own words: What these statistics show is that students who enroll at Perry Tech broke as a joke and then get their degree have a great chance of ending up becoming a rich biatch!

*Perry Technical Institute offers various degree programs in automotive tech, construction, medical assistant and coding, HVAC, welding, electrical, machining, and computer/IT fields, and agricultural technology and other fields.

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