Peter Parker (the original Spider-Man) since 1962 has bitten the big one and it has comic book prices skyrocketing.

As with Superman in the early 90's, Marvel Comics has killed off Spider-Man or actually replaced him with his arch-foe Dr. Octopus. The current series is ending at number 700 has been sending the comic book buyers on a holy grail quest to grab as many copies of the issue as possible. The variant cover featuring the original Spider-Man artist Steve Ditko and the original Amazing Fantasy #15 cover from 1962 has now reached easily a $1000 online.

I'm a big fan but I'll surprised if after the initial run, the books price doesn't plummet. It happened with Superman #75 in the early 90's and could happen again with Spider-Man 700.

Pete won't stay dead just like Superman but it is nice to see the feeding frenzy for a comic book but don't bank on that issue setting you up for retirement if you get an issue.

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