Well, it's tax season and it's about that time to get your refund. Some people have to pay on their taxes. Those people usually wait until the last second, but there are several of us, myself included, who get back a few bucks from several different kinds of tax credits including having children. It's hard not to spend that tax refund when it comes in. Here are a few places I plan on visiting to spend my tax refund.

  • Flickr, paulrobinson
    Flickr, paulrobinson

    Ozeki's Restaurant

    One of my most favorite restaurants in town is a place I can rarely visit because when I go to Ozeki's, my wife and I can easily drop $100, just the two of us. Too much good food and we love sushi so we try to treat ourselves once a year with our tax refund and go all out. They do such a great job with their sushi it's worth it. It also gives us a chance to try a few new pieces of sushi that we may normally not try. No doubt my wife and I will have a nice night out at Ozeki's - maybe even twice.

  • Flickr, zoovroo
    Flickr, zoovroo

    Yakima Valley Community College

    I'm not sure what your tax refund will be, but if it's not used to pay off bills and credit cards, maybe you can go back to school. It's never too late to take classes on subjects like business management or maybe something you've always wanted to try like fashion or dental. Perhaps it'll be your first step towards a new career with a small investment into classes at YVCC.

  • Flickr, qnr
    Flickr, qnr

    Best Buy

    Done and Done! Everything I need to expand my digital landscape at home and on me. iPads, 3D TVs, video games and more. It's time I got myself a new computer - I know my friends at Best Buy will help me get what I need at a great price.

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    I'm a fan of Target for many reasons. The prices are decent to begin with, they have video games that I love, books that my wife loves, toys my kids love and housewares that we can all use. They even have clothes that fit me which is rare because of my odd size. When it comes to buying a little of everything, Target is the first place I'd visit.

  • Flickr, hattiesburgmemory
    Flickr, hattiesburgmemory


    Buying clothing for myself is something I rarely do, although it's probably something I need to do more often. At 34 years old I'm at an odd age where I don't want to dress like an old man, but I certainly can't look cool wearing what I used to wear from Hot Topic or some of the more trendy stores. I'm mostly a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Not even a cool t-shirts. Most of my shirts are either video game based or free radio station t-shirts. Maybe a new wardobe is in order. One "treat" I give to myself about this time every year or so is I throw away all of my socks and buy all brand new socks.

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