I know I'm not the only one seeing this.

I have nothing against service dogs. I don't even have a problem with therapy dogs, but more and more I'm seeing people walking their dog with a "service dog" smock that, I'm sorry to say, totally isn't a service dog.

How do I know? The signs I've seen are pretty obvious. I saw one dog acting like a service dog digging into a nearby flower bed. I saw one see something else (not sure if another dog or cat or what) but it started to pull away from the owner to get at whatever it saw. I saw the same dog, while the owner was standing still to check his phone, the dog started getting impatient and started to try to walk away.

This is almost an abuse of privilege to those who need service dogs for their daily lives. I don't want them to get a side eye when they walk somewhere with their service dog while others who just have a dog that they want to bring into stores or wherever dogs usually aren't allowed, bring them in under the ruse of being a service dog.

It's no different than borrowing Grandma's disabled parking sign just so you can park closer -- even though you don't need to.

Please consider this.

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