Inquiring minds want to know, what is the poorest BIG city in California? I'm talking about the kind of place where city living is at its cheapest because the population has a high degree of poverty. I'm also talking about a city that isn't Los Angeles. You may have heard by now that the poorest LITTLE city in California is Huron. It’s located somewhere between Bakersfield and San Jose. Let’s dig around to find which city is in line right after Los Angeles for being amongst the next biggest poor cities in California.


One City in California Nearly Trumps Los Angeles in Being Poor

Los Angeles has a poverty rate of 14%. Compare that to the national poverty rate average in America, which is a little over 11%.

The Biggest Poor Cities in CALIFORNIA: Runners UP:

Seeing these four cities (including the biggest poor city of Los Angeles) make California's list of the biggest poor cities is sad:

  • Los Angeles: 3M+ people
  • Bakersfield: 400K people
  • Anaheim: 340K people
  • Sacramento: 524K people

Fresno is the second largest poor city in California.

The poorest big cities in California

Keep reading to see why Fresno is considered so 'poor.'

Despite its reputation for being “poor”, there are a lot of fun things to do in Fresno. Here are 4 family-friendly touristy things to see in Fresno.

4 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Fresno, CA


Why Is Fresno Considered ‘Poor’?

Fresno, the next biggest poorest city in California

Fresno has a population of a little over half a million people. In 2011, Fresno was named the poorest large city in California. It is nicknamed “the best little city in the U.S.A.”, but unfortunately, it has gathered a reputation for being the best next poorest little big city in California. Some ten years or so later, the city of L.A. has taken over the reins as being the first.

  • Estimated 4,500 homeless, unhoused persons

  • 7% unemployment rate

  • 1.4% foreclosure rate

  • High murder rate

Fresno’s poverty rate is hovering around 23% of the population. Compare that to Bakersfield (17%), Sacramento (15%), and Anaheim (13%).



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