How can 2020 get any weirder, more trying, calamitous, stressful, or worthy of a good hair-pull? What about the increased need for reliable home security solutions? Burglaries and prowling are on the increase and at an alarming rate. Neighborhoods are even banding together to help take a bite out of....well, I don't want to emBARK on somebody else's slogan....but you get this idea.

Due to an increase in nefarious activity in our neighborhood, we recently purchased a few Ring video doorbells. One for each of three doors. So far, we're very happy with our purchase and we feel there have already been a few un-wanted visits of unknown intentions thwarted.

Check out this video dramatization.

This was a highly trained actress, my granddaughter, and I performed the portrayal of the homeowner. Um, since it's my house I guess it wasn't much of a stretch although I did try to add a sort of suffering-from-a-recent-head-injury kind of delivery. The camera quality and audio quality were both very good. Ring gives us quite a few options and we're still dialing-in just exactly how we want to use them.

Brian Stephenson

You can even set the system to be sensitive only to 'humans' which is handy for use at the backdoor - this way Tater, our Golden Retriever doesn't set the thing off incessantly. Sometimes, having the sensitivity to capture 'non-humans' is ideal.

Screenshot via YouTube

This little raccoon decided to drop in on this family.

Screenshot via YouTube

This bear actually got the door open to this parked car and proceeded to tear it up when he couldn't find a picnic basket.

Here's a funny compilation video we discovered on YouTube.

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