Snapchat is SUPER fun! I am a big fan of just using the voices and screwing around but I know A LOT of you out there use it as your main social media (D-Rez) haha! Find us KFFM and add us! :)

I was listening to Ryan Seacrest earlier and he mentioned that Post Malone has a secret snapchat code, what!? So of course I had to find it...and use it! :)

Sarah J Snapchat

I was trying to look a lil gangster but I don't have a mouthpiece so I think I look a little more scared than anything else but it's all for good times.

Scan the below thingy into Snapchat and for the next 24 hours you and your besties can try it out! I am going to post this on facebook so I would LOVE for you to share your best poses as well hahaha :)


Happy Thursday!

Getty Images for Bud Light