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Does Prince Harry Have a Man Bun?

Prince Harry's next door neighbor, actor Rob Lowe, said he spotted the prince with rocking a man bun! Do you think a man bun suits the prince? (via Just Jared)

Most Americans are Upholding Their Dry January Fast

At the beginning of the year, 11 percent of Americans pledged to participate in Dry January. That means zero alcohol all month. So, do you think people have been able to stick with it? Apparently, 72 percent of folks who went dry this month are still alcohol free, while 20 percent have had some drinks but are "still trying to cut back." Eight percent have given up on January sobriety entirely. (via YouGov)

Azealia Banks Apparently Digs Up Dead Cat, Boils It

Azealia Banks had the internet in shambles after she posted and deleted a series of videos of her and a friend digging up her dead cat's remains. She was seen on her hands and knees, clawing at the ground and pulling up a sack that had her cat's corpse in it. In another clip, she was seen boiling the animal's skull in a thick black concoction in a large pot. Fans were left confused and wondering if she planned on eating the cat's remains or preserving them... (via TooFab)

Nick Jonas Returning to the Broadway Stage

Nick Jonas is reportedly in talks to play the role of Frankie Valli in a streaming event performance of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys. This wouldn't be Jonas' first time participating in a musical, though: A few years ago, he took on a lead role in the 25th anniversary concert of Les Misérables. (via Deadline)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Quit Social Media

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had it with the internet. So much so, that they have decided to get rid of their social media for good. Why? Most likely because of the bullying and harassment they have endured online over the years. Meghan recently went on a podcast and talked about how online trolls have afected her mental health. (via Yahoo! News)

Call This Phone Number to Hear Previews of Zayn Malik's New Album

Zayn Malik's new album is coming out this Friday, but fans don't have to wait to hear new music. If you dial (323) 991-ZAYN, then press any number from 1-9, you can hear previews of nine songs that haven't been released yet. (via Billboard)

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