A few years ago we had some local paranormal investigators share this video with us. They set up a camera inside the old Mabton high school that many believe to be haunted. This video seems harmless enough until I saw something I can't explain.

This is the full video they took. Instead of editing it down or anything, I uploaded the entire file with their permission.

Basically, they made a pentagram out of glowsticks which already makes it the most fabulous pentagram I've ever seen. Then they explained that they left it there and left the building to any spirits could do whatever it is that they did when nobody was around.

That's when they told me to fast forward to the 9:30 mark of the video.

They said one of the glowsticks they had in a locker moved on it's own.

Out of frame, they had a few glowsticks by some lockers. What appears to be flying in frame is one of those glowsticks which they ended up finding in another room.

What do you think? Check out that part of the video and tell us in the comments below.

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