I'm a little surprised they didn't have something like this earlier but to cash in on the 'pumpkin' craze of fall, Pop-Tarts has finally released a Pumpkin Pie flavored Pop-Tart and I'm here to say it's actually really good!

I'm partial to the 'red'-flavored Pop-Tarts the most. Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry and others. So long as it's red, I'll probably like it. And it has to be frosted. That's mandatory.

I see Pop-Tart themes come and go from s'mores to cookies and cream and various others. I usually pass them by as I know I won't care for them, but I do love pumpkin-flavored anything so I'm down for these. I'm glad I did because they're pretty tasty and very convenient.

The frosting is supposed to resemble putting whipped cream on your pumpkin pie.

I'd recommend grabbing some. I might have to grab extra as they're for a limited time so they may not be around a long time.

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