I was born and raised in Yakima, moved away for about 10 years and found myself back here. As most will tout the agriculture, the scenery, the four distinct seasons and other reasons to love it here, I'm here to tell you why you shouldn't move to the Palm Springs of Washington.

  • You'll Become a Beer Snob

    As Yakima hosts 75% of the hops used in the United States (and about half for the world) it only makes sense you'll gain an accustom taste for different beer, especially hoppy ones.

  • You'll Become a Fruit Snob

    The Yakima Valley has the freshest agriculture anywhere in the world so when it comes to biting into an apple or baking a cherry pie, you'll know what to use, how to use it and know if it's good or not simply by feeling it. There's almost no worse feeling in the world than a squishy apple.

  • You'll Never Listen to your Podcast on your Commute

    Most average drive-times in Yakima seem to be about 15 minutes or so from where you live to where you work or go to school, if that. It'll take you a week's worth of driving to finally listen to an entire podcast. Sorry about our lack of traffic around here.

  • You'll Discover what Real Mexican Food Tastes Like

    Being we live in a heavily Hispanic-populated area, it's no surprise that it doesn't get much more authentic when it comes to food. You'll quickly learn that tacos aren't supposed to be in a hard, crunch shell but on a soft corn tortilla and that our burritos are the size of a small child.

  • Too Noisy Downtown

    There's a lot of noise downtown. No, not from sirens or cars honking but usually from all of those downtown activities like Downtown Summer Nights, Fresh Hop Ale Festival, Hot Shots 3-on-3 and a lot more. Downtown Yakima is a hub for local events and there seems to be something happening any any given time. Too many people having a good time? C'mon, now.

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