Today is national Traffic Light Day. Green means go, yellow is a warning and please remember that red is not a suggestion when it comes to stopping! But there are SO many more terms that the traffic lights refer to!

On my 21st birthday, there were many stoplights (red, green and yellow) tequila shots!

mezcal with worm

I was supposed to bar hop, but just ended up singing drunk karaoke for a VERY long time!

Today if you are feeling wild you could always partake in a Chinese fire drill!

For all my foodies out there, there's something actually called traffic light eating

Green is for the foods that grow.

Yellow is your warning to slow down.

Red means stop and "think." Do you really want another doughnut? YES!

There are even traffic light parties, where you grab a color depending on what your status is -- i.e., green is free to date :) yellow is complicated and red is taken :)

Leaving you with this random question:

Think you could tell me what year the traffic light was invented?


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