I wrote this story below on my personal Facebook page but after thinking about it, I decided to share this with you because you are part of what makes the Yakima Valley such a cool place to live. I want to share my love to you on this fine day..

Picture it,, Sicily 1922!


Just kidding, picture it, Yakima 2002.

March 7, 2002 was the day I landed in Yakima,, not knowing what in the he** to expect. I was supposed to come for a few years and get my feet wet into radio, then bounce.

Instead, here I am exactly 20 years later, none the wiser, ha! Today I realized that it is my 20th anniversary of my 1st day of work in Yakima. From lil' ole Nashville, Tennessee to big ole Washington state.

I've been blessed to work on radio stations in Yakima, Seattle, Tri-Cities, Tyler, Texas, and Texarkana!! Dreams come true.

Reesha on the Radio
Reesha on the Radio. Screenshot via Yakima Herald

I was so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Full of hope. Green behind the ears. And a certified matronly prude. Insecure and awkward Black girl to say the least. Now I've reached Hot Auntie Status, have a most magical child, Past YWCA Yakima Board Chair, almost ran for State Senate, Emerge Washington Alum, Yakima County NAACP President, Junior League of Yakima Sustainer, and certified definitely not a prude.

Reesha Cosby, past President of YWCA Yakima
YWCA Yakima via Facebook

So many wonderful friends and coworkers I have made here, including some whom I consider family. Should I ever leave, wherever I end up next I hope it's as enlightening and fabulous as my time here. There's no place like Yakima. ❤


Photo Credit: Christel Clear Boudoir Photography
Body Makeup: Cascade Aesthetics: The Ali-lena Twins

Reesha Cosby
Jessi Carolus via Facebook
Reesha Cosby hosting the Yakima Uncorked Food & Wine Festival
Aimee Yoerger
Reesha Cosby doing a live radio broadcast in Yakima
Jessi Carolus via Facebook

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