If you cannot afford a ticket to Yakima's "Tour of The Homes," may I suggest Reesha's "Tour of The Homies"?

This started off as a joke, but I think people would actually enjoy this as a real event!

It's where I would ask a few of my personal friends to open up their homes (myself included) and let people just walk in, look around and take a tour of their house, and eat up all the free food.

You know, just like they do in the real Tour of Homes, but with me and my homies!

Here's a sample of the home tour menu:

  • Cardbordeaux Wine (box wine) paired with Cheese (Wiz)
  • Costco Pub Mix
  • White Cheddar Popcorn that you can buy at the dollar store paired with some sparkling wine
  • And for beer drinkers, how about a can of Bud Light?

The tour will end when you visit my house as the last stop. My bestie, Becky, will have her house on the first stop. She just doesn't know it yet! :-D

I am looking for sponsors so that this can be a free event! Send me a tweet here if you are interested! Ha! Good times!

Sneak peak of one of the Homes along the Home Tour! Purchase your tickets today! You still have two days to view the...

Posted by Central Washington Home Builders Association, Yakima, WA on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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