There are those who believe Justice League was a disaster, a doomed production that not even two major Hollywood directors (first Zack Snyder, and then Joss Whedon) could salvage. And then there are those who believe that buried beneath the dreck is a masterpiece, and that before Snyder departed the project and was replaced by Whedon who (again, according to these people, not me personally) screwed it all up, everything was going fine. They believe that somewhere there is a full version of the Zack Snyder cut of the movie, that Warner Bros. is refusing to release, possibly just to piss them off. And they will not rest until they see it.

Their latest target to pressure (via CinemaBlend) is AT&T, the media conglomerate that is the process of a merger with Time Warner, the parent company of Warner Bros., who are the distributors of the Non-Synder cut of Justice League. Some of the more passionate Snyder Cut acolytes have taken to hitting up the AT&T help account on Twitter, and requesting they release the (very-much-never-finished, obviously) Snyder cut. At least one got a response.

This would make a good advertising slogan. AT&T: We are always here for you and all your #ReleasetheSnyderCut needs.

If you do a search on Twitter, you will find this is now becoming a growing trend:

Hopefully these fans are not actually ravenous; that could get really messy.

Meanwhile, a DC movies storyboard artist continued to fan the flames for the believers out there, by tweeting that Snyder “shot and edited” the entire movie, even if he did not finish the film and left before many visual effects shots could be completed.

Will we ever see a Snyder cut of Justice League? I would wager we will, but not for 10 or more years, after interest gets to the point that it makes sense to actually create one, the same way there is now a “Donner cut” of Superman II, a movie that was similarly started by one director and finished by another (Richard Donner and Richard Lester, respectively). But hey, if you want to see it now, definitely keep pestering the social media intern at AT&T. I imagine they’ve got a very chill, very easy job that doesn’t involve reading hundreds of messages every day from people who are angry about their phone bill. They’d probably love to hear about how you want to see the Snyder Cut! Let ’er rip.

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