If you have ever (or never) seen the TV show, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," then it's time to get in on the latest live-tweeting craze, #rememberthatbuffy.

I live-tweet all the time and didn't even realize I was a part of a new movement. (People do this all the time when watching "Scandal," "Nashville," "Once Upon a Time" and other shows.) What happens is, you all watch a TV show at the exact same time and while watching, you tweet your reaction to what is happening. It is so much fun! And so nerdy!

Anyway, every Sunday on Twitter, a group of fun, crazy people (self-proclaimed nerds) get together and watch an episode of "Buffy" (you watch it on either Netflix or your "Buffy" DVD). This got started up about three weeks ago, so this Sunday, April 27, we'll be watching Episode 4.

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