You use Facebook exactly how you want to use it. Maybe you're sick of seeing political posts. Maybe you're done with baby pictures. Maybe you can't stand it when people spoil your favorite TV show. Here's an easy plug-in you can download to eliminate those posts from your Facebook feed.

The plug-in is called Social Fixer.

Simple enough, once it is installed, a little wrench icon appears in your upper-right hand part of Facebook. from there, there are several options from removing sponsored ads, removing unwanted windows (for instance, if you don't care what's trending) and the option to remove posts by keyword or groups all at a time. The defaults have hiding everything about 2017 politics, hiding everything Super Bowl, hiding everything Pokemon Go and more.

Social Fixer
Social Fixer

Now, if someone posts a photo in those categories but doesn't have text saying what it is, it still may slip through the cracks. Also, if you visit someone's personal Facebook page, it doesn't work with that, either. It only affects your feed.

Still, it's free so you may as well check it out.


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