UPDATE 11:34AM 12/26/18: It has stopped snowing already!

It might be a good time to stock up on bread, groceries and toilet paper just in case the roads get jacked up and too rough to drive today! It is currently snowing all over, from Ellensburg to Sunnyside (and probably beyond)!

I knew something was up with today's weather when I walked outside this morning to my car.

As I unlocked my driver-side door, I felt extremely crisp air slicing through my blue jeans.

"DANG! It's cold enough to SNOW!" I muttered to myself.

I next knew something was up when I began to see tiny snowflakes falling on my windshield as I drove into work this morning.

"I think a blizzard is coming," I said to my 7-year-old daughter, Willow.

Although I'm certainly no self-proclaimed "weather whisperer," I might not be far off on my blizzard guesses, because the National Weather Service has just issued a "Hazardous Weather Conditions Special Weather Statement." Their report basically says that a whole bunch of snow* is headed to Central Washington.

Even though it is supposed to be sunny Thursday and through the rest of the week, the way this snow is set up and falling like a shaken snow globe as I look out of my office window, I think at least for today, the Yakima Valley will see some snowfall of epic proportions. (Watch, it will all have melted away by tomorrow! Ha!)

Stay warm and drive safely out there!

*To be completely accurate, "a whole bunch of snow" used by the author actually means up to 1 inch of snow. This has been verified according to a Yakima weather forecast from weather.com and the National Weather Service, as of 11:03 a.m., 12/26/18.

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