I have a friend who has a pretty high-ranking job with the city government

She was in a meeting with her co-workers, and her bosses, but she forgot to put her phone on silent, and her boyfriend called her.

And in the middle of the meeting when he called, her ringtone for him went off: "Sexual Eruption" by Snoop Dogg. It embarrassed the heck out of her.

These are the lyrics to the chorus, if you don't know: "I'm gonna take it slow, I'm not gonna rush the stroke. So she can get a sexual eruption. So I can get a sexual eruption. So we can get a sexual eruption." Enjoy:

Needless to say, she felt extremely unprofessional and undermined by this stupid ringtone. How did your cell phone ringtone embarrass you? What was the ringtone?

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