Sally Field: Oscar-winning actor, catchphrase-coiner, proven matchmaker for her son, Sam Greisman.

Field made headlines during the 2018 Winter Olympics when she took a text-exchange she'd shared with Greisman about how cute the medal-winning figure skater Adam Rippon was and directed it at Rippon, himself.

And there's no telling whether the whole thing will amount to a true love connection, but Greisman and Rippon did finally meet Saturday (March 10) at the Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Dinner. And Field is to thank, Greisman noted with a subsequent pic.

"Thanks, mom." Greisman captioned a shot of the fortuitous meet-up, with which followers had a field day (including Rippon, who responded "This incredible caption. THX, SAL!")

"OMG it happened! we are all collectively sharing in you moment. OMG! Yay!," one wrote, while another noted "Oh if only all mothers were as joyously meddlesome!"

Rippon, all the while, made a huge impact, himself, on the dinner as the recipient of the Visibility Award. He used his platform to recount his journey of being in the shadows to finally deciding to stand confidently on his own two feet.

"I remember making the choice to be unafraid," he said. "I made the choice to not care what others thought of who I was. I was going to be truly me. This was the biggest and most important decision I’d ever made: To live fearlessly. To take risks. To let go of my fear of what others may think of me, and to always keep learning. You will find that you will have your greatest success when you wear your scars proudly. Through my shortcomings and from my successes, I’ve learned that a champion is more than a medal. It’s a mindset."

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