Food, wonderful food! I sing it because I love it and I share this because we all gotta eat.

St. Vincent Food Bank
Tammy Goodman

The Salvation Army of Yakima is set to host a food distribution at State Fair Park tomorrow, Wednesday January 20th 2021 between the hours of 10:00 am to 12:00 pm or until all 1,000 boxes are distributed.

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If this is your first time partaking in a food distribution the most important tip I have to offer is go early. If you wait until the last minute the line will already be super long and you run the risk of being turned away. They have 1,000 boxes of food to distribute and once they are gone, they are gone until the next event.

Here is a great tip from Lisa Sargent

MAKE SURE THE TRUNKS are cleaned out so we can easily load the box of food.  That is what slows down the line, when we have to re-arrange the trunk to make the food box fit 😊


So many cars
Sarah Johnson

No matter what time you decide to go you will most likely run into the line, it moves quick, so the best route is to go up West Nob Hill right on Fair Ave and you'll see the line on South 18th Avenue, it will be weaving around until you're able to enter at Gate 5. Please don't block traffic attempting to get in any other way.

There are a lot of food banks providing options so please make sure to check-out our list and also how you can give back if you are wanting to help, they are ALWAYS accepting donations.

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