There's a new blazing app across Facebook these days and it's called Sarahah! It's an app that allows you to send anonymous messages to the user.

It's being pitched as an honest way to get feedback from co-workers, family and friends but there a few things you need to know to know about Sarahah (it means honesty in Arabic)

Sarahah is a light-weight application, after downloading, you need to set up your profile with a custom url, for an example

Once the set up is complete, you are given four options: Messages, Search, Explore and Profile.

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The website adds that the app will help “enhance your areas of strength, strengthen Areas for Improvement at your workplace” and with friends, it will help “improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement.”

I've seen several of my friends on Facebook trying it out but I also see a bunch of my friends saying anonymous messages leads to bullying online. It will be interesting to see if this app becomes as big as Snapchat or Instragram, I guess we will wait and see

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