The Pentatonix Are Back and Set to Hit the Tacoma Dome in July!
Oh, the harmonies! Are you ready to sing along with the Pentatonix? They are scheduled to hit the Tacoma Dome Wednesday, July 3rd and we've got your tickets!
If you haven't downloaded our app now is the time to do it, Sarah J will send out a daily afternoon blast with instructions on how to…
Sarahah is the Newest Hot APP, Here's The Scoop On It!
There's a new blazing app across Facebook these days and it's called Sarahah! It's an app that allows you to send anonymous messages to the user.
It's being pitched as an honest way to get feedback from co-workers, family and friends but there a few things you need to know to know…
It's alive!
I'm a huge fan of breakfast cereal and look forward to my three favorite monsters every Halloween season. This year they're doing something very cool with the General Mills monster cereals -- the cereal boxes come alive with cool features by use of a free app...
Make Free Comics with the Bitstrips App
I recently started noticing a few single-frame comic strips on Facebook. Unlike eCards, these feature cartoons of my friends and family on Facebook. I noticed that these came from a free app called Bitstrips.
10 Creative Uses of Snapchat
Snapchat is a clever little app. It basically lets people add captions and draw all over pictures then send 'em to fellow Snapchatters. There are plenty of times this could (and does) get sorta weird, but there are also really clever users who go the creatively funny route.

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