Last August, my car's engine died just 5 miles west of Ellensburg. That was the last time I would ever drive this car again.

Back in 2008 we were about to welcome a third child into our family. Before this I was driving a Ford Escort, which I did like, but needed to get something a little bigger. I grabbed a Honda CR-V for it's roomy leg room and it could have three kids in the back seat while still enough storage room for a trip to Costco if needed.

This car survived a relocation from Idaho Falls to Kennewick to Casper, Wyoming and back to Yakima. I had it almost 10 years and put well over 100,000 miles into it with those relocations and random trips to Seattle and Portland.

On my way back from Seattle last August, the engine decided not to work anymore. I pulled over, let it chill, added more oil and, sure enough, it started up again for another quarter of a mile, if that, then stopped all together. I knew something was wrong. It turns out that, somehow, a hole got into the engine and flooded it. That was that.

Sure, I could just replace the engine, but it was probably time to get, yet, a bigger vehicle as my kids were also growing up.

It's the car my kids will remember most. When I was cleaning it out for the sale there were still lollipop sticks stuck to the floor and random candy wrappers shoved between the seats.

My cousin, Sam, towed the car back to his farm, popped it on Craigslist and had a hopeful buyer in just a few hours. I sold it for probably far less than it's worth but happy it's going to a new home.

And, as sad as I am to see it go, happy I don't have to deal with the engine. The buyer is well aware of the engine problems as was listed, but, who knows, maybe he'll fix it up and I'll see it again drive around town. That would be cool.

So long, Honda CR-V! My most favorite car I ever had. I hope it provides as many memories as we had with it.

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