OK parents, grandparents, how do you feel about letting the kids play video games this summer break?  Well like most things, there are good and bad aspects to it.  I'm a little concerned about my daughter Kate's "addiction" to Minecraft, but boy does she do some creative work--and that's the good side.

Iowa State University researchers have discovered that video games that foster creativity and freedom can increase your child's creativity.
Researchers say kids who,without instruction, were given the freedom to play games like Minecraft  were most creative. (WHEW!)
The game is like a virtual Lego world, and allows players to explore unique worlds and create anything they can think of. (and some kids think of some amazing things!)
Kids who played Minecraft and were told to be creative actually showed the least amount of creativity.
Not too many parents like those games called "first-person shooter games" because of the violence and desensitization to violence but science says even those games promote some creativity by requiring players to think about strategy and to look for advantages in combat. (Daily Mail)

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