Let's go on an adventure for a great local cause.

Do it with the Yakima Humane Society - Saturday, May 1st! SEE SPOT RUN is a family-friendly 5k fun run...or walk....depending on you and your pet. And after the race, grab a breakfast burrito, and a coffee from Coffee Now. You'll receive a t-shirt, water, and all the health and safety guidelines will be followed.

You can sign-up at Yakima humane dot org right now or stay tuned for your chance to win a pass for the whole family on 107.3 KFFM beginning the week of April 19th, 2021 at 11:25 am! Listen for your cue to call and download our app if you don't already have it, that's where you'll enter to win.

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This is a perfect chance for you to get out and enjoy the sun while helping out the local animal population. By purchasing a ticket for this event you are helping in the areas the Yakima Humane Society needs most. They are not a kill shelter, are always searching for fosters to take care of pets while a forever home is secured, and feeding plus cleaning the facility isn't cheap. Any donation of food or supplies is always welcomed and you can visit their social media and website to check out the latest news and needs and if you are ready to adopt, I cannot stress how amazing it is to give an animal a forever home.

My husband and I adopted Gary a half terrier half chihuahua a few years back from the Yakima Humane Society and he's just the greatest. Make a difference today.

Yakima Humane Society

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